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What Is My IP and Why Do I Need It?

What Is My IP Tool is a webpage dedicated to helping people identify IP addresses of their computers. An IP address is a numerical code that helps computers communicate with each other and exchange information.

Probably, one of the most widely-used tools is IP address lookup. It allows users to get the sought IP details such as:

  • Physical location;
  • Hostname;
  • IPS;
  • Proxy information;
  • Blacklist status, and much more.

What Is My IP Address?

With this easy and intuitive tool you will be able to track, trace and locate an IP address. This may be vital for a number of online activities as well as to resolve certain issues, e.g.:

  • Installing and maintaining remote desk connection;
  • Online gaming;
  • Detecting proxies;
  • Email server management;
  • Tech support and many more.

Certainly, there are other useful tools offered freely here. Most users find them extremely helpful and gratefully use them in their daily surfing activities. There’s more to come shortly to help to extend IP tools of an average user even further.

Using what is my IP service you can easily locate an IP address from any location in the world. It is safe, reliable and fast – check it yourself now!